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We have created a network of experts, partners, agents and profession advisors in various Jurisdictions and in all occasions, we can efficiently manage the start and the growth of our clients. Exploiting the combination of our expertise with that of our Partners, puts us in a position to offer you a full spectrum of Business services.

Safety net & build wealth

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You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Business planning & strategy

Whether your objective is the development of a new strategic direction, a refinement of existing strategy, growth or the development of a great idea, we can walk you through the whole process:

  • Creating of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Researching financing options
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market research
  • Traditional and digital marketing and PR
  • Business Reviews and Analysis
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Market Research

NETAXIS’s focus is on working with our clients to deliver practical solutions and we have a range of engagement options that are flexible and responsive to your needs.

We offers in depth research of primary level quantitative studies:

  • Market penetration studies
  • Habits and attitude studies
  • Concept/ Product/ Service testing
  • Customer/ Personnel satisfaction studies
  • Service quality projects
  • Customer segmentation
  • Advertising studies:
  • Surveys on socioeconomic issues
  • Image of politicians and political parties

Competitor research & analysis

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The research methodologies used depend on the nature of the study and the time frame within which the project must be completed.

The use of the latest statistical software allows us to provide our customers with in-depth analysis of results. We go well beyond basic tabulations and significance testing, and we employ a number of statistical methods to provide complete solutions to our clients.

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